Managing Grief During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is typically a joyful and happy time for families and friends to gather together. Quality time with family and friends can unintentionally leaver those who are grieving with feelings of sadness, emptiness and loneliness. Grief can show up out of nowhere during the holidays and can cause additional hardships, sadness and challenges. One minute you may be completely fine and the next you may see the smallest reminder of a loved on who is no longer with you. Grief is intricate, unexplainable and is so complex. The holiday season can often be a time of dread and misery for those who are missing a loved one. 


While we encourage you to manage and address your grief in a healthy way, we know grief is unavoidable and hardest to deal with when you least expect it. Here are a few realistic, practical and tangible ways to safely and effectively cope with the many feelings brought on by grief. 


  • Acknowledge the Grief - While this is easier said than done, acknowledging the grief you are feeling with those around you allows for open discussion with others who greatly care about you. Although this can be challenging and difficult to do, mentioning your loved one can create and opening for further support. Remember that people cannot read minds. If you do not share what you're going through, others may not know how to support and offer comfort during such a trying time. 


  • Remove Unnecessary Stressors - The holidays can be very stressful and busy! While isolating yourself is not the answer, it is okay to say no to things that may add unnecessary stress to your holiday season. Give yourself grace and allow yourself to say no to the things that do not sound enjoyable to you.


  • Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help - We know how hard it can be to ask others for help... However, keep in mind that loved ones WANT to help whenever they possibly can. If you are feeling lonely or sad, ask a loved on to join you as you go shopping, as you sepnd time decorating your house, etc. Asking others for their company and help can lessen your feelings of loneliness and isolation!


  • Take Time for Yourself - Whatever this may look like, give yourself time and space to feel and process your emotions. If this means getting outside for a brisk walk, spendning additional time with family and friends, sitting in meditation each morning.. the list goes on - whatever brings you peace, give yourself the grace and time to do so. 


  • Honor Your Loved One - While this may not work for everyone, we know how meaningful it can be to spend time honoring your loved one. Decorate in honor of your loved one, wrap gifts in honor of your loved on, bake in honor of your loved one... Whatever it looks like, take the time to honor the rituals you previously shared with your loved one. 


At Spidell and Smith-Varns Funeral Homes, our staff is knowledgeable and eager to provide familiies with the proper guidance and support that is needed. We will handle anything from the intimate details to even preplanning a funeral with you. Reach out to us today so we can make the grieving process just a little bit easier for you and your loved ones. 


Looking for more support? Take a look at these websites for additional information pertaining to Grief Management:

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