How to Comfort Your Loved One After the Passing of a Significant Other

Do you know someone who recently lost a loved one? Are you struggling to find the words that offer support and encouragement? Are you wishing you could help but not sure how you can help?


Comforting a loved one who is recently bereaved can be difficult. It is hard to know what to say and when to say it. We are here to remind you that it is OK to not know what to say. Grief looks different for everyone. Keep in mind that anyone dealing with grief may experience a wide range of emotions. Lastly, there is no timetable for grief. Below are a few helpful tips on how you can support your loved one who is grieving.


Tip: Knowing what to say to someone who is grieving

  • Remember to listen more than you speak. While you may think it would be encouraging to have all the right things to say, it is actually helpful to those mourning if you are able to simply sit and listen. It is also helpful knowing someone is physically there and present - just for the sake of having someone sit there so that you are not alone. Grieving looks different for everyone. Some days you may need to sit there while your loved one vents or cries or, they may just need you to sit in silence. Having someone who can compassionately sit and be present is the most important way to help someone who is grieving.


Tip: Offer practical assistance so that your loved one has space to grieve

  • Offer to help with housework

  • Offer to help with groceries or errands

  • Offer to help with yardwork and day to day upkeep around the home

  • Offer to help with bills, cleaning, etc.

  • Offer to help with children

  • Offer to help with animals/pets


Tip: Provide continued support

  • As time goes on, do not make assumptions about their grief. Some days may be great, and other days they may be at rock bottom.

  • Remember that grief comes in waves and no two people grieve the same.

  • They may never fully heal from the pain they feel.

  • Keep in mind they may need special support during any special days such as holidays etc.






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